Thinking and plotting
Posted on October 2nd, 2010
Today was mostly spent thinking about how to go about things. I did some preliminary stuff with the layout of mom's blog to get things in gear and we talked about a large number of things. Overall, the project seems to be well underway. Some of today's effort was spent working out details of my other site project, so despite the appearance of playing games most of the day I made some real progress.

On a different note, last night before I went to bed I suddenly felt strange and noticed my heart was beating funny. So I got out the cuff and checked my blood pressure, as the last time I had abnormal heartbeats my pressure was sky high. The reading wasn't abnormal for pressure, but the beats per minute was over 100, placing it firmly as tachycardia. Joy. The first thing I did this morning was to take my pressure again. I got similar readings as I did before I went to bed.

Throughout the day we checked my readings, and both the blood pressure and beats per minute dropped steadily. We're thinking that I may have accidentally missed a dose of my bp meds yesterday. However, to err on the side of caution I'm going to cut my sodium intake back a bit. It was hovering around 2,400mg / day. By having a protein bar instead of my chicken cheeseburger I'll lower that to about 1,700mg / day. Naturally, we have a ton of the burgers stored away and few of the bars.

During the afternoon I played a game called Gumboy. This is one of the games I recently plucked off Steam. It's a quiet physics puzzle. Personally I think it looks more like a demonstration of physics code than a game, but whatever. There's no story, just a bunch of levels to play through.

Later in the day I played DFO and found that today wasn't a good day to try to advance my game. It began when I sent my Monk to the newest dungeon I'd unlocked (also the hardest dungeon I can access). I was defeated by the third room. Figuring I should wait on such a difficult task, I sent the Monk to an easier level. Which he died on shortly after reaching the boss. After healing from that, I sent him to a dungeon that is 10 levels below him (thus that much easier to clear). He died in the 5th room.

Rather embarrassed by that, I decided to change the gameplan from trying to earn experience to just out and out farming. So I sent him to one of my favorite levels (nearly 20 levels below his current level) and spent the time clearing it over and over as all of the enemies on it die in just two punches. I also bought a much more potent weapon just in case I buggered up again.

I ended up with a pretty good haul of loot. As it works out, one of my favorite dungeons is also one of the prime farming spots in the game. After I ran out of fatigue points on the monk I switched over to the Grappler, who is just barely higher level than the dungeon's monsters.

As the major game update coming on the 13th will radically alter the game, I think I'll just farm 'till then. I've heard that you're guaranteed to make 100,000 gold per day per character, and I think that works out to be true. I've never really kept that close an eye on my gold amounts before.

Tomorrow I'll need to put this stuff down for a bit as it's once again time to work on the comics.

The link for today is a silly (but rather truthful) song put to video by way of LEGO Bricks. The Gasman Cometh.

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