Lessons got learned today
Posted on September 28th, 2010
The day began with me getting up abnormally early again. I put the time before breakfast to good use by tinkering with Image Puzzle and trying a few of the games I picked up yesterday.

The grocery list looked rather short, so we didn't expect much of a trip. Oddly, it seemed to take as long as it usually does and we wound up with the normal amount of crap to bring in out of the trunk. One particular highlight of the trip is that canned pumpkin has returned to the shelves for the first time in ages!

I also picked up a small container of buffalo chicken for my lunch.

The afternoon was spent working on the comic. I've completed and uploaded the comics for the 4th and 6th, leaving just the 8th's comic left to do in this batch. while I was working on it Little One got rather sick as he sometimes does, and so that was dealt with.

Dinner was rather different. The entire first floor was flooded with smoke from the rotisserie, yet the smoke alarms didn't go off. I dunno why, they seemed to function and had their lights on like they're supposed to. Because of my fancy lunch I had some Knorr Alfredo for dinner instead of the greasy chicken.

The evening was spent working some more on Image Puzzle. I was focusing on getting a few things to run faster and otherwise clean up the code. In the end I took some rather unique approaches that ended up really speeding up the program.

In the late evening I got some DFO time in, but not before my mouse's battery died. I tried replacing it with one of the spares, and discovered that battery was also dead. In the end all of the spare rechargeables had completely discharged sitting quietly in my desk drawer. You learn something new every day. Today I learned that you can't actually store power in those things. Thus I played DFO using the fingerpad for a mouse. Mom has temporarily loaned me her computer's mouse while I charge up some fresh batteries.

For the last hour or so I just sat quietly watching the anime based on DFO. I've just watched the episode featuring the Priest, and can honestly say that he's not a closet gay. I mean, there's a lot of jokes in the DFO forum about him being in the closet and a lot of "evidence" posted to support this rumor. That episode puts all theories and rumors to rest: the Priest is not in the closet.

He's been out and proud since day one, as Baron discovered the hard way. As Anonymous likes to explain it, "It's not rape. It's sex you didn't know you wanted."

Also, my userpic suddenly got a lot more disturbing didn't it?

The link for today is a music video that mixes Lady Gaga's music (if you can really call it that) with the most classic gay couple in space.

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