Two days of stuff
Posted on September 25th, 2010
Yesterday I began to make an entry, but was simply too tired to be coherent about it.

Little One got me up at 6:30 AM yesterday. That never spells a good day for me; between the lack of energy and the abrupt start I just can't get much done.

I spent most of the early morning working on Image puzzle's source code. Things went pretty well, but after a while I hit a snag and had to quit. The main problem was that I couldn't see a clear way to proceed and not something major. As it was the program compiled and ran fine, so nothing broke either.

After lunch I took a nap, but I don't think I actually fell asleep.

Throughout the day I played DFO and it was pretty much the worst round of DFO I've ever played. The monsters had a field day knocking the blessings out of my monk. I dunno what the problem was; perhaps just fatigue. However, I did fairly well with my grappler and slayer, so whatever was wrong it was all on the monk's broad shoulders.

Yesterday I also talked with mom more about her explosion and general behavior from the other day. It turns out there were a number of things under the surface and the post on LJ just burst the bubble. She agreed that deleting her posts just made her a target and made things worse. So it's not as sudden as it seemed. She also agreed that if there hadn't been any other issues going on (which is how it appeared to everyone else) it would've looked like she snapped.

That pretty much sums up yesterday.

Today I spent much of the day working on comics. Things came to a halt when I couldn't get a pose right. I tried a number of times, found resources and references online; the whole nine yards. But I couldn't get it right. So instead of just stopping like I normally do, I did the rest of the comic and left that one frame unfinished. I'll try it again tomorrow.

During the evening I also figured out how to continue Image Puzzle's revamp, and made the needed adjustments. It's quickly improving; soon I'll be ready to add the menus it needs. Shortly after that all that'll be left is some checks for bugs and it'll be done.

Today's game of DFO didn't go as badly as yesterday, but it still didn't go that smoothly. In any event I managed to actually complete a dungeon this time around.

Late in the day I discovered that there was an Anime made from DFO called Arad Senki. It's in Japanese, but has English subtitles, so I watched a few episodes. It's bad. Real bad. So bad it wraps around to good. Much of the show is in-jokes on the game, but it explains a few things the game doesn't (or at least hasn't as far as I've seen).

Lastly, here's two links for the day (one for yesterday). First, here's a Japanese advertisement that, frankly, only makes sense to people from Japan. I think. The other link of the day is a mix of Team Fortress 2 and a classic Romanian song we all love.

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