Posted on September 22nd, 2010
I spent most of the day working on and finishing the last comic in the next batch. Now that it's out of the way, the rest of the week -- all three days of it -- are freed up for other projects. The next goal is to do a small series of revamps to the code that runs this site. It's nothing major; just some random maintenance.

One tweak is going to be a change in the way entries are made. Normally when I make an entry like this I pick the icon out a big ol' grid of available options. Some of these options I haven't used in a long time, and will probably never use again ( example ). Others I'd like to hide for a while since they aren't funny anymore or are rather depressing now ( example ). I'm simply going to make it possible to blacklist icons.

After that, I'm going push Fur and Faith and Image Puzzle through to completion. And after *that* I'm going to focus on Din 0.5, which is starting to sound more like vaporware at the rate I'm going.

This morning was pretty much shot as a small thunderstorm rolled by and thus kicked me off the computer for awhile. I spent the time re-arranging my room. This time around I wanted to see just how much of my Transformers collection I could have on display at once. Turns out, I can have it all out and displayed using four shelves. While I did take a few pictures with the DSi's camera, they didn't come out very good. I figure I'll try again with the real camera later.

In other news, while playing I discovered that my Monk's armor and weapon masteries don't quite work like I expected. Heavy Armor mastery just gives bonus defense for using heavy armor. I figured that Light Armor mastery works the same way. It doesn't. Instead, it gives massive bonuses to attack and healing (the stronger the armor, the bigger the bonus). Thus with a durable set of light armor you suddenly become superman.

Additionally, I've been using crosses or totem poles as the primary weapon. That's correct: my Monk swats bad guys with a friggin' totem pole. After some study I found that Monks are said to do best with axes or scythes, so I bid on a nice looking axe and bought a fancy possessed scythe of doom to try out. That scythe makes a huge difference; I'm carving enemies like butter. On the downside, I could make a holy area by planting the cross or totem pole in the ground, but this doesn't work with scythes. I have neither won nor lost the battle axe yet, but right now I don't really care if I get it.

So my DFO game is going quite well at the moment, and it'll only get better.

The link for today is the Pastoral Symphony from Fantasia. This is not the version you've probably seen. This is the original, uncut, pre-1960s version. There was a character called Sunflower that was cut from this segment for reasons that are pretty obvious.

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