Net troubles, search continues regardless
Posted on September 16th, 2010
Today I just tried to cool off from yesterday's rather emotionally taxing events. I did spend some time working on FnF though, so it's not a total waste. The internet was nearly down this morning (first hop had a ping time of > 700 ms), but after rebooting the modem it cleared up more or less. I still hit bad ping times throughout the day.

I'm still looking another MMORPG. DFO is great for the button-mashing adrenaline fun that is always welcomed, but the community could be better. It's like playing Double Dragon at the arcade. While you're playing Billy someone random walks up and asks if they could play Jimmy. You say OK and both of you beat the tar and feathers out of the evil Shadow Master and have a ball doing so, but after the game you go your separate ways, maybe never to see each other again.

I'm looking for a MMORPG that's more social than that. The game will need a healthy amount of things to do on your own, but will also need ways for players to work together and just have fun in a fantasy world.

Maginobi is billed as a "fantasy life" with many non-combat jobs, crafting and other things that make it a virtual Renaissance fair. It doesn't run on my machine, so that's out.

Today I installed three MMORPGs by gPotato: Allods Online, Aika Online and Fly For Fun. Fly For Fun has MAJOR control issues and in many cases the text went beyond the windows or screen or was even covered by other controls. Thus that one's a failure. I dumped Allods quickly after checking reviews; looks like it's all about money and not the player base. Old reviews made it sound promising, but newer ones point out that you stand no chance if you don't buy stuff from the cash store. Sure, Nexon's bad about buying your way to victory, but at least it's OPTIONAL.

Aika Online resembles Guild Wars to a large degree. I liked that, but soon discovered that like Guild Wars it was PvP oriented and the PvE stuff was barely there. I don't want PvP, so that's out.

Free Realms, which I've already been playing, is closer to the right idea. However, it seems to have been left hanging; there's just nothing new coming, nor is there any reason to develop a community.

I've been doing a lot of research this evening and I've listed two more MMORPGs to try. Neither are truly Free To Play, but neither was Free Realms. I used a few online MMORPG finding tools to make the decision to try them.

These two games are EverQuest II and World of Warcraft. Both of which are strongly indicated for PvE and social gaming. EverQuest II came out higher for crafting and community building, if you're curious. WoW gives you a ten-day free trial. EQII has gone free to play until level 80. Obviously, EQII looks like the better deal at the moment.

Back in reality, we got a bit of a scare today as mom called our friend and didn't get an answer. Considering how out of it she was yesterday, we wouldn't have been too surprised if she went in her sleep. A little while later she called us, so everything's fine. Long story short, she's been taken off the drug that made her loopy and she's a lot more awake now.

The link for today is a cute little miniature horse playing with its favorite toy.

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