Keeping watch
Posted on September 15th, 2010
Today was dramatically different than planned. My plan for today was simply to try out a MMORPG called Maginobi. It's a good thing that was it, as it turned out that we had planned to visit our friend's new home today (which was a detail I'd forgotten).

So we looked around the new place, and it seems like a nice place to settle into once the mess is cleaned up. It's a fixer-upper. Afterwords, we visited the nursery across the street. An interesting sight there was a large fig tree; smaller ones were available for sale. Mom picked up some herbs while our friend picked up a limon plant (some sort of tiny lemon/lime hybrid).

However, we quickly noticed that our friend wasn't really with the program like she normally is. Turns out her medication was changed, and the new dose is knocking her out. Every time we stopped talking for a moment she dozed off.

Once we got back to her apartment, mom called her care provider to get some advice or action on this. They were supposed to call back within 10 minutes, but after 15 minutes mom called again. This round they got back to us and things got worked out.

After that, our friend's husband called to say he was on the way home. We decided to wait and stay with our friend until he got there; our friend seemed scared about how she wasn't staying awake, and knowing we were there seemed to be a comfort to her. I attempted to install DFO on her laptop, but since the download time for the client was predicted to be 2+ hours long I canceled that and spent the next 45 minutes quietly playing Freecell and Minesweeper.

We got home around 4:35 PM. Since we hadn't had lunch yet we threw a quick meal together and ate immediately.

The rest of my day has been somewhat scattered. I tried Maginobi as planned, and was completely blown away by how poorly it ran on this machine. I gave up on it within 20 minutes. I took another look at Luna Online, as it's still installed. Since I'm not looking for a fast action MMORPG right now it wasn't quite as disappointing as it was earlier. I might stick around for a while or I might not. I might also re-try a few of the other MMORPGs that I rejected solely based on the infamous UAC warning in the near future.

Other things I did this evening include play a bit of DFO, installed the updates and new drivers on the laptop I'm working on, tested some design ideas for another project and simply tried to keep on trucking. I also removed the worn and cruddy stickers from the laptop; two of which were apparently applied with something along the lines of shoggoth paste. They would not come off -- even with vigorous scrubbing with a wet hand towel. I eventually got them off, but it seems my hand is now sore from the attempt.

Today's link of the day is an example of what happens when people have waaaaay too much time on their hands.

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