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Posted on September 13th, 2010
Except for the fact that we stayed home, today was largely a repeat of yesterday -- I worked on the comic, Fur and Faith, did work on my friend's laptop and ended the day by playing a little DFO and Aztaka.

The laptop's revamp has been moving along slowly. Today's main task was to install the past few year's worth of Windows updates and get the antivirus and antispyware stuff setup. At first it seemed like it wasn't going to run at all, but as things progressed it became more responsive. Both the antivirus and antispyware found somethings, but it looks like isolated vendor junk rather than a troublesome infection.

Most of the effort with Fur and Faith's revamp was spent trying to get the layout to look right. In the end I'll probably get it working by moving the content around.

During the afternoon I had a bout that acted like a sugar low. I checked with the glucometer and got a reading that was nearly twice my baseline, so it wasn't a low at all. My next guess was that with three computers going in the small room the air was getting too stale. Air circulation is poor in my room, and I know my blood usually tests above the normal range for CO2. The side effects of high blood CO2 are almost the same as a sugar low, hence the guess. I opened the window and set the fan to blow out the room's air. After about half an hour most of the odd feeling went away, so I might be on to something.

Tomorrow will be the biweekly shopping. Or rather just another shopping trip. We've pretty much already stocked up on things with all of the errands we've been running. However, despite all of that we've managed to run out of chicken.

Lastly, the link for today is a series of 6 devices that only Japan could have created.

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