Learning curve
Posted on September 12th, 2010
Today was an interesting one. We started out by visiting the nursery, where mom wanted to get some mulch, fencing and a Rose of Sharon. While browsing the lot she found a mum she liked, and became rather distracted. She'd brought a section of the fence we have to match it against the stuff at the store. While that was a good start, they didn't have enough fencing to use, so we didn't buy any. And since mom left the section of fencing on the cart, we have less than we started with.

The next stop was the healthy junk food store. Lately tortilla chips have been tasting very good to me, so I bought a bag that has a lower than normal amount of fat and two jars of salsa. We also picked up some very low fat pizza crusts, sauce and fat-free mozzarella cheese.

On the way home we stopped at Subway, where I picked up lunch. We got there at what was apparently lunch hour, as the place was packed. The line to the counter went out the door. Fortunately nobody was ordering anything complex or in large amounts, so things moved through pretty quickly.

After lunch I focused on making a comic. I decided to make do things slightly different than usual to make it a little more visually interesting.

Part of the evening was spent working on my friend's laptop. The original plan was to reformat it with XP or Linux, but the more I thought about it the less sure of that plan I was. I attempted to boot it into a Linux LiveCD and discovered a bit of a problem. All three distros I tried froze during boot. I ended up opting to reconfigure and upgrade the current XP install instead of reformatting.

During the last few hours I spent the time playing some DFO and Aztaka. Aztaka's straightforward style suddenly turned into classic RPG grind; an interesting design choice I think. By this point you're not expecting to grind to progress.

The link for today is one of those weird news stories that are just begging to be told: "sauerkraut explosion prompts quarantine".

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