We make plans, God laughs
Posted on September 11th, 2010
Today didn't go like anyone expected. Both of our cats are refusing to eat the food we put down, so we're throwing a lot of it away trying to get them to eat something. Thus we needed to make a trip to the store for more noms. We also wanted to drop off the plants our friend wanted, so we prepared to do that on the way.

This is when things got sidetracked. At our friend's apartment building there were two cats running loose. They'd been dumped by some [retracted] a few days ago. One was black and extremely friendly, while the other was a vanilla tan and shy. They were obviously litter mates and probably just over a year old.

Our friend's daughter arrived moments after we did. We entered our friend's apartment via her screen door, and the two cats followed us there. Long story short, we ended up bringing both of them into the apartment and a relative of our friend was contacted and agreed to give them a home.

We stayed over for nearly two hours. The black cat was enthralled to have people loving it again, though the tan one stayed in hiding most of the time.

Our friend's daughter wants some help with an old computer, and I agreed to give it a good wipe. We talked about what it'll be used for and such; so it's just a matter of doing it.

After our visit, we ran the errands we'd planned on running. we got home at close to 1:30 PM.

I spent some of the time this afternoon poking at the old computer. It's the one I helped set up back in 2006; in fact it looks like it's been sitting in storage for most of that time. I backed up the personal files (photos and such; nothing confidential) just in case our friends don't quite understand what wiping a computer clean actually does. I figure tomorrow I'll try installing XP on it using the key provided; if that doesn't work I have Ubuntu ready to go.

During the evening Nexon shutdown DFO for emergency maintenance and soon afterwords it was up and running again like it used to be. Additionally, they sent out free Skeleton keys and extended all timed items (like my auction license) by two days as compensation. I spent about an hour and a half leveling my Slayer.

I also wrote out the next round of scripts for the comic and played some Aztaka this evening.

Tomorrow may involve errands; it's up in the air for now.

The link for today is an amazing find: color footage from the Blitzkrieg.

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