Puttering about
Posted on September 10th, 2010
It's amazing what a person can get done when their MMORPG doesn't work. Today was spent busily puttering about at various things.

I completed the last comic for the next batch and uploaded them, then worked on Fur and Faith's new redesign. I also checked on a couple of things and began the design work for the other project.

During the afternoon I cleaned off some of my exercise equipment; I wanted to use the 20s today for a change, and that meant getting the spiderwebs off of them. In the process I also freed the 10s from their sticky host.

Right before dinner I picked up what I thought was a fallen vegie and started to head for the trash. I then discovered that it was a sizable spider, not a pea or piece of corn, that I was holding and promptly freaked out. That spider is quite dead now.

During the evening I played some Aztaka, which reminded me of Titan Quest. I'd probably still be playing TQ if it hadn't glitched to heck and back. Honestly I'm not sure if the problem was the game, the no-cd mod or my computer's failing DVD drive that was the culprit. The Steam version seems to have far fewer problems, so I think I may get it next month. Or I may just play Torchlight, as it's the same genre and I already have it.

At random points in the day I played FreeRealms, working on my racing skills. There are times that my character should be thankful he wears a helmet; today was one of those days.

And now it's obviously time to retire for the evening. Little One has demanded his pillow be placed under my desk.

In other news, some church in Florida wants to burn the Quran, and this has a lot of people very angry. Some of these people are the Westboro Baptists, who are just jealous.

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