Hurrying up a tad
Posted on September 8th, 2010
When I got up today I discovered I was out of cereal. I went downstairs to get the next box and discovered that when we made out the grocery list I'd mistaken two boxes of mom's unsweetened puffed wheat for two boxes of my cereal. Thus I had a bowl of cardboard for breakfast.

The morning was spent running quests in DFO. Lunch was somewhat awkward as my choice for today didn't quite work as planned. It was a Lean Pocket, but it wasn't a meal in itself like they usually are. It was one big flat piece with filling rather than two pieces. Since that disc was only one serving, I ended up having a Lean Cuisine to reach 600 calories. Methinks that was overkill in the "lean" department.

Our afternoon was spent shopping. We visited the grocery store and picked up a number of things (notably my cereal), then the pharmacy and lastly the other grocery store for cat food.

We got home around 3:30. After I checked my emails and replied to a few posts online, there wasn't time to work on the comic before dinner. So I quickly ran two runs in DFO. And I do mean quickly: I had only ~20 seconds to spare on the second run.

During dinner there was a small thunderstorm. Thus my computers were shutdown. According to Speedfan, the old broken computer had been running for 23 days without short-circuiting itself out again.

After dinner I discovered that I had fewer comics uploaded than I'd thought. The last uploaded comic is the one for this Friday! Thus I spent an hour making the comic for next Monday. Tomorrow I'll get on the ball and make the rest of next week's comics if all goes well.

Around 8:00 I resumed DFO for the evening and succeeded in graduating my Mage to the Battle Mage subclass. There are many upsides to this, but I'll have to learn to juggle enemies all over again as she gains a new and deadlier basic attack combination.

The link of the day is an article about one company's ad campaign idea. The gist of it is that if you're going to buy an expensive piece of plastic, you might as well be seen with one.

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