Posted on August 4th, 2007
Today continued the fun of uncomfortable temperatures. As a result, mom and I shuffled off to Wal*Mart to do something about it. We purchase two fans that are similar to the fan I've been borrowing from dad: they clamp on to something rather than have a base. These new fans also oscillate, a feature that makes them rather hard to aim but slightly less annoying than a stationary fan.

We also picked up an air conditioner. It's mostly installed in the kitchen window and works well. However, the install is incomplete; the drain isn't installed nor is it entirely anchored. The main problem is the lack of drainpipe: the excess water is dumped on the kitchen counter. Thus the unit is not running for now.

Lunch was purchased while we were out. I got another small pizza from the freezer department. These pizzas are only 580 mg of sodium for the entire yummy 6" pizza. Most 6" pizza in that isle are more than twice that level of sodium. While the store had pepperoni as well, I stuck with the plain cheese flavor.

Since this was a huge purchase at the store, both mom and I got something just because we could -- the budget would just absorb the cost as part of the cost of the air conditioner. Mom got herself a DVD and I picked up a GBA game. Unfortunately for me, the advice I'd gone on didn't apply to this title. I'd heard that all GBA Spyro games were good. Apparently this game, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, came out after that remark had been posted. The IGN review just blasts it (and for good reason it seems). The title of the review says it all: Don't touch it, unless you want to get burned.

Dang. On the plus side, it was "free" and thus not that bad a loss. Still is a bummer though.

Speaking of degrees of loss, my dreams took a rather dark turn last night. Since my dreams are typically dark I should clarify that a bit. This time it wasn't "Dark" meaning "Evil" but "Dark" meaning "Depressing". A more exact example of what the dream was about is provided by a political cartoon I know of. It was drawn by JD "Illiad" Frasier during the Israel / Lebanon disaster in 2006. Clicky

I have no idea why that was the route my dreams took, but such is fate.

And with that I'm going to get one last cookie and head to bed.

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