Pet shop of horrors
Posted on August 30th, 2010
Like most days, we ran errands today. We stopped at Lowe's to find a plant mom wanted, but they didn't have any. We then went to Wal*Mart for various things and encountered a couple that left much to be desired.

We had started to head home when mom commented on being rather thirsty. I suggested stopping at Rite Aid, mainly because I was overheating and wanted a milk chug. We stopped there and looked around. I picked up $40 of Nexon cards ($30 was from the spare change pumpkin, $10 from my allowance), but they didn't have a milk chug.

While there we saw some ugly but practical little cat beds. After talking about it a bit, we decided to head to the pet store to get a better deal on them. I needed something to drink before going on, so I searched around for something in the freezers. This proved problematic as everything was either an energy drink, loaded with HFCS or in quarts or larger containers. Mom found a bottle of Welches' grape juice, and so I got that. I also picked up a quart of chocolate milk for later.

The pet store was quite interesting today. Dogs everywhere. We now know for sure that pets are allowed in the store, as we encountered a German Shepard, a weimaraner and a few other dogs in there. Unsurprisingly, mom was jelly. They didn't have any decent pet beds there, so we didn't stick around long.

We returned to Rite Aid and bought two of the beds. The beds have a pillowed rim, and we think Little One may appreciate that as he likes to sleep with his head propped up. We'll see if he gives the bed the time of day.

We got home around 2:40. The day was pretty much already shot.

I spent the rest of the day poking at things and playing DFO. I was somewhat productive: I wrote out a bunch of scripts for the comic and prepped a number of them. I also did some basic layout ideas for the other project in the works.

Today's link of the day is an advertisement for Windows 7. I'm not kidding, this is a real ad. Instead of the stupid "I thought of that" ads that simply inform us whom to blame for Win7's misfeatures, Japan gets a giggly anime girl with big tits.

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