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Posted on August 10th, 2010
My day began with a trip to Target, where we picked up a number of things we needed. After that we headed over to the nursery. Mom wanted to move one of her plants indoors, but I nixed that idea when I pointed out some of the risks (it's poisonous to cats, and there's no way to safeguard it).

Our next stop was the healthy junk food store. I'm still trying to improve the diet, so we were looking for things that might help. The no sodium ketchup I use has HFCS, so I picked up a nice low sodium replacement that is HFCS free. The same goes for BBQ sauce. I also got vegetable chips, dehydrated bananas, dates and a box of mixed dehydrated fruits.

On the way home we visited Rite Aid, as we'd disagreed about what the store carries in the way of dried fruits and trail mixes. The store does carry two types of trail mix, but it's not the smorgasbord mom remembered -- which meant I was correct; it was the pharmacy. While there mom found thread she needed and she also bought me a 25,000 NX game card.

Of the items we bought, the dehydrated bananas and the vegetable chips were a hit. The new ketchup is tasty and will work very well for me. The BBQ sauce was also very delish, but we discovered in the middle of dinner that it's processed by a plant that also processes fish. I'm alergic to seafood, and while I didn't get a reaction today, it's not worth the risk to continue using it. The next time we're at the grocery store we'll find a HFCS-free BBQ sauce.

The rest of my day was spent working on and finishing the last batch of comics.

I spent very little time playing games, and when I did it was Free Realms. However, I just checked Nexon and discovered they are running a special event. One of their games I have yet to try is called Poptag. If you level up three times in Poptag between August 11th (tomorrow) and the 24th, you'll get prizes for your Maplestory and DFO characters. These prizes cost quite a bit of NX too! So tomorrow I'll be looking at this other Nexon game. Note that NX can be used in any of the games published by Nexon -- that game card might get some mileage after all.

On the bad news side of things, Pov's eye seems to have developed an infection again. So the pink-eyed pussy will probably visit the vet tomorrow.

Aside from the possible vet trip and gameplay, my plan for tomorrow is to further some coding and design work.

In other news, the link of the day is a strange little news story that uses the phrases "delicate operation" and "industrial metal grinder" at the same time. It could have been much worse; any mistake and this guy would have been half the man he used to be.

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