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Posted on August 5th, 2010
Today began a little late; everyone slept in later than usual. Things began right away with a trip to the bank and a visit with our friend. While there, mom's sugar crashed and since she panicked her asthma got kicked off. Between the protein bar and our friend calming her down, she got everything under control again.

After visiting for about an hour and a half we left for the grocery store. We scouted out a few items, bought lunch and then headed to the pharmacy. We used the drive through to prevent any impulse buys and were then home quickly.

My plan was to work on Image Puzzle this evening, but by the time we'd settled it was almost time for dinner, so I decided to write today off and just relax for the evening.

Among other things I decided to stick around Maplestory. That's my character in the userpic; he's an Archer. Yes, "he"; I know it's kinda hard to tell. I played Maplestory for about two hours and eventually purchased a haircut and hair dye treatment for about 10 NX. Note that I already had credit with Nexon from playing DFO, so this didn't require any additional payment in real money.

Speaking of DFO, I got a surprise upon logging in. There's now TWICE the number of channels there used to be! That's a good sign for the health of the game. Also, there's more stuff in the cash shop. In other words, the game has done so well it's expanded!

I also checked out the Trade channel and was surprised to see how much various items were selling for. I've been selling this stuff to NPCs for 2 gold a piece, but it turns out players will pay *much* more than that for them! Naturally I registered several items for sale. We'll see how well they sell tomorrow as the auctions are for 25 hours. Or until the Buy It Now price is met.

In other DFO news, I upgraded my vault so that I could store more goodies. If selling to players turns a good profit, I want to be able to keep stuff around. Unless you have a license, you can only place 5 auctions at a time. I'm not going to pay for the license, so I'll have to be patient. As my character says, "Patience," .

In non-game related news, I've installed the WCG on this computer. It's setup to run only when I'm not using the computer. Thus it'll run when I'm running errands, having lunch or sleeping. This computer is our second most powerful computer; it should do wonders for making the world a better place!

Today's link of the day is a series of images that mix the past and the present. The past is specifically the days of World War II.

HA! While I was writing this two of the items in my DFO auctions sold! That's about 2,000 gold profit on items I had been selling for ~40 gold!

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