Pasta and Pings
Posted on August 4th, 2010
Today began with the most recent visit to the psychiatrist's office. This was the follow up to the recent bloodwork. Now the psychiatrist is a specialist in mood disorders and their related medications; he'll also go into detail about the various results in the blood work.

He talked to us about the fat briefly, noting that it was probably an atypically high reading as we'd been enjoying birthday cake, ice cream and a pizza the week before. He stressed that the reading didn't call for major lifestyle changes or anything like that. Just curb the snacks and things should even back out.

I also noticed that the labwork showed that I have an elevated CO2 level in my bloodstream; nearly 130% of the upper limit. This isn't anything major either; it just means I don't go outside very often.

Our next stop was the local Italian restaurant's carry out section. Since dad's birthday arrived, he got to choose a special for himself and he choose their baked lasagna. I meanwhile got my favorite item of theirs: a meata-ball sub with a side of rigatoni. I also picked up a large rigatoni for my dinner; this came with a side of rigatoni. Redundant yes, but the other side options are rather risky fat wise (eg. steak fries, onion rings). I wasn't expecting the second side order, but it came in useful as I wasn't hungry enough at dinner for the whole meal. So I get the rest of the pasta tomorrow.

Most of my evening was spent playing Dragonica Online. I finally managed to get a connection without packet loss, and thus made the most of it.

During the evening I did some coding, porting the file selection system I did the other day to SDL and getting it to work on Windows, Linux and the Wiz.

There are two links for the day. You see, I discovered something strange enough that one link didn't cover it. It's coffee made from animal poo. Here's the Wikipedia page on it. People will buy ANYTHING if you call it "gourmet" I guess.

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