Win some, lose some
Posted on August 3rd, 2010
The main goal for today was to get a file selection system working. Originally I was going to use SDL and cover everything, but then I realized that CRT would work better for a proof of concept than SDL and went with that. In the end I got it working.

Dad's old computer started showing signs of bizarre behavior yesterday, so I reformatted it today. Ultimately it seemed to be a success, but just a little while ago it BSOD and died. It seems to be a hardware failure, so I'm not sure it can be salvaged. Tomorrow I'll poke at it with Knoppix and see what happens. It was able to process 17 tasks for the World Community Grid before failing.

The real bad news came early in the day. The bloodwork results are in. My triglyceride level is 167; the safe range is 0-149. This means there's too much fat swimming around in my bloodstream. I'm going to have to cut my fat intake drastically. Considering I'm already reducing it, this might be a bit of a fight.

On to a happier subject...

During the evening I tried Maplestory again. Previously I'd dismissed it because I was looking for a reflex-testing adventure and the combat in Maplestory is far slower than that. Also, the controls are awkward and that never helps. I spent a good 10 minutes trying different control setups before trying a layout that mimics DFO's scheme. The DFO-style controls handle much better, and greatly improve the gameplay. I think I'll stick around after all, though I'll create a new character to do it.

My connection to Dragonica's server didn't work too well today (ping keeps getting dropped around Chicago). As much as I like the game, it may not work out after all. I'll be fussing with it for at least another month; bad connections happen after all.

And from the looks of things, bad connections are going to be more common for a while. The Sun is not happy with us Earthlings.

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