Posted on July 31st, 2010
The tricky part of my day was compiling the scripts for the next round of Background Service comics. Aside from getting that together, I also got the backgrounds ready on them.

Recently I'd been talking about getting more computers and using them to further the WCG. Dad decided to give me his Vista system for that project, and I spent part of the day getting that setup. It has a real issue with heat build up; which is probably why it dies on reboot or has other fun issues. I installed some monitoring software and discovered the problem is the GPU. After some searching I found that this GPU is well known for chronic heating issues. I managed to prop the laptop so that the airflow through the vents is better. Now the system is hovering in the mid 70s instead of low 90s. One bonus of this system is that it's dual-core: it can crunch on two projects at once!

In other news, we ended up verifying Paypal anyway. It turns out that after seven years we've finally come close to the limit that an unverified account can spend. Fortunately there's a way to verify that doesn't require linking the bank account, so we got around the problem.

Of course, by then I'd already placed an order for the game card for Dragonica Online. The customer support got back to me this morning to let me know that my account is now white-listed for Paypal usage. I decided to test it by buying $10 USD worth of credits and buying the goodies I wanted. At that point I discovered that on the Singapore server, unlike the US server, you cannot buy costume items permanently. Thus I'll need additional credits to keep them, much like a cheap subscription. It's less than $3 USD / month, and the game card will give me quite a few months.

Also, it turns out the game card was $60 SGD, not $60 USD. After translation, it's just $45 USD.

Note that I seriously don't plan on spending any more money for some time. Probably until September. Also, in my opinion the games are worth about what I've put into them. At least, I've paid similar amounts for games in the past.

Today's link of the day is a cute little story about an octopus. If you can call an octopus cute that is. This one hasn't managed to piss off an entire country lately, but it does get a wee bit angry if you try and take his toy.

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