Posted on July 30th, 2010
I spent my day working on wrapping up the current batch of comics. This was just short of running late; the comics completed today go live NEXT WEEK.

Dragonica's support has gone back and forth with me on getting my account whitelisted for Paypal use. If they enable it, then it's pretty clear that they don't care about the fact I'm in the USA -- they specifically asked what country I'm residing in.

During the evening we ran an errand to a local craft store. Afterwords, we visited the local Rite Aid to see if they carried any online game cards. They do! They have $10 and $25 cards for Nexon, which is the producer of Dungeon Fighter Online, one of the games I play. There's actually a penalty for using Paypal for that game, so I wanted to find the game cards (which don't have restrictions). We got two $25 cards; just in case we can't find them again.

Later I did a little research about Dragonica's cards. You see, aside from the whitelisting practice, there's a rumor that your Paypal account must be verified or it'll be rejected. Mom's Paypal account is not verified -- doing so requires linking our bank account to the Paypal account and we're not comfortable about linking both the VISA and bank account to it. Probably just paranoia, but that's our stance and we're not moving.

So I searched out how to get game cards for Dragonica, as they'll "just work". According to the site, they are available in stores that aren't located anywhere nearby. Big surprise considering the server is in Singapore.

They do mention an online retailer however and I checked them out. Everything looks good: they email you the code instead of snail mailing you the card, sell to the US and so on. The catch is the only game cards they sell for Dragonica are the $60 ones. Granted I can find $60 of goodies in the cash shop easily, but I was expecting to only pay $10-$20.

The link for today is a list of quotes about the US that are very insightful.

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