Oy. Just oy.
Posted on July 27th, 2010
The day began with the start of the long journey to the eye doctor. We gathered everything up and headed off without a hitch.

The hitch, apparently, was the eye doctor's previous patient and her four kids. The children were young, probably all under ten. In fact it kinda looked like they were only a year apart as one was a toddler and one wasn't yet crawling while the other two looked to be old enough to go to elementary school.

Their stuff -- baby supplies, toys, coats etc -- took up the entirety of the doctor's waiting room. Mom asked (rather loudly to make a point) if we could sit at one of the sizing desks since there wasn't room in the waiting room. Now anyone else would have their kids move their stuff or otherwise make room for others upon hearing that, but this woman was completely oblivious to the hint.

The children bounced, ran and carried on all over the small office. The toddler continually climbed up displays, threw random objects and took frames like they were on an Easter egg hunt. At one point the toddler attempted to take mom's book, but she snatched it away from the imp.

The most the mother of this zoo ever did was say "I'm going to lose patience" or "I'll get mad". Both of which she apparently has said a million times without following up with any sort of punishment as none of the kids gave a damn.

To add additional spice to the event, she wasn't able to pay for the visit and had to haggle some means of paying it over time.

All told, we spent about 45 minutes enduring that ruckus. Through it all, the kid's mom was completely calm, as if everything was serene and peaceful.

Shortly after she left, pretty much everyone involved wondered aloud what drugs she was on and whether or not she'd share. Another thing most of us remarked out loud was that she must have been Catholic.

Oh, and it turned out that they forgot one of the girl's sunglasses when they left.

The icing on the cake though was the TV in the waiting room. It was showing an animated version of Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit, which as you should know is a story about a little misbehaved bunny named Peter. Mrs. Rabbit told Peter to stay out of McGreggor's garden, but naughty Peter snuck in anyway and lost his shoes and jacket in doing so. What did Mrs. Rabbit do when she heard 'bout this? She did something about it: she sent Peter to bed without supper. and this was when a child's bedroom consisted of only a dresser and bed -- no toys for this troublemaker to play with!

Such a contrast.

After that display we picked up some stuff at Subway, and I ate a sub in the car on the way home.

Both of us spent the rest of the day trying to relax and blow off the stress of enduring that family.

Tomorrow morning I'll be getting my bloodwork done. Beyond that, I'll be focusing on my comic.

Today's link of the day is a wonderful ad that contains only 1/4th of the trauma of today's experience in the eye doctor's office. It does however convey the same message.

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