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Posted on July 27th, 2010
The day began with a trip to our friend's, where we stayed for a while as mom showed her one of her yearbooks from highschool and I installed Bejeweled and Bookworm Deluxe on her computer. We left when the visiting nurse arrived. For a first impression, she flunked.

Anyway we continued on with some errands. At Wal*Mart I discovered Free Realms Station Cash cards. I knew I'd seen these things somewhere! Mom bought me one. I've yet to decide how to spend it, but a little extra never hurt.

On the way home we got Taco Bell for my lunch. I had a Burrito Supreme in both regular and Fresco forms. Unlike with the bean burritos I had the other day, could taste the yummy Fire sauce on those. The Fresco version was the tastier in my opinion. The next time I get lunch there I'll get a soft taco, a hard taco and a Fresco taco. After that I'll know what my favorite is.

I haven't gotten sick from Taco Bell since I've been reading the nutrition facts and planning ahead, so the diet's working!

I spent all of the afternoon and part of the evening completing a comic. There's two more to go in this batch.

During the evening I also reformatted my old computer. This allows it to put just about all of its power into making the world better.

The plan for tomorrow is to head way back into the country so that mom can see our old eye doctor. The one down here did a fine job on my glasses, but a very poor job with mom's, hence the lengthy trip. Lunch will probably be eaten in the car en route.

The link for the day is an amusing little bit of politics. It just goes to show that somebody remembers what the biggest threat to marriage is, and he's going to make it illegal if he can.

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