Weather or not
Posted on July 24th, 2010
Today was mildly productive. This morning we ran some errands and picked up my lunch from Taco Bell. This time around I'd checked the fat content and got a safer meal. It seems their Fire sauce is much weaker than it used to be; I needed to use at least two packets to even taste it.

My day was otherwise spent trying to come up with the scripts for the comic and failing. I'm closer to a working script than yesterday, but that's still not the same thing as being ready to draw it.

During the evening a thunderstorm rolled through. I spent the time reading a few chapters of the current tech book.

I spent some time on DA sorting out my quickly growing watchlist. Note that I'm only marking people as "friends" if I recognize them from either FFC or LJ -- ie, if we've already met. If you're curious, the total number of artists being watched is about 30 and is bound to skyrocket. I'm keeping an eye out for people I used to watch for when I frequented Yerf and VCL, hence the rapid growth of the watchlist.

During the afternoon I had an idea and checked to see if Free Realms allowed what I want to do. Basically it's a variant of Machinima, and for best results I'd need to use multiple accounts (one account would act as the 'camera'). They are rather upfront about the fact that they do allow you to use as many accounts as you wish, so it looks like I'll be able to do some impressive pieces of art using the game's engine. First things first though; my old computer needs reformatted as there's a lot of cruft left over from when it was my main computer and it lacks RAM and drive space for much more. That'll have to wait until the last batch of WCG jobs is done (which should be early next week; tomorrow even).

The link for today is possibly one of the most bizarre yet watchable YouTube claymation music videos ever created.

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