Calculated risks
Posted on July 20th, 2010
The cake mom made in the bread machine for dad's birthday was nothing short of a disaster. Thus today began with us heading to the grocery store for a store-made cake.

Yesterday I'd picked up some taco wraps from the store's deli. These were great, and thus I was going to get some for my lunch today. Alas, they didn't have the deli stuff out yet.

Seeing as how our next stop was the Asian grocery, I asked if we could get lunch at Taco Bell, which is conveniently located across the street from the Asian grocery. Mom said "sure, why not?" and thus I got lunch from Taco Bell.

That proved to be something of a mistake. You see, I misjudged the amount of fat in the order and thus spent the rest of the day sick. I got the amount of calories and sodium right, but not the fat. Next time I get lunch there I'll just get 3 bean burritos. Yes, I added things up and that is a more tolerable amount of fat -- in fact it's less than half of the fat in today's order. Scary isn't it?

I spent the afternoon attempting to get Dragonica Online to work without Win7's UAC getting in the way. I ended up giving up; I'll just deal with UAC and move on each time I start the game. I'm not going to turn UAC off entirely as that's just stupid. However I did some research and discovered that it's not as effective as you'd think, so letting DO run as admin isn't as big an issue as I'd thought.

Also, in my previous attempt at DO I was very disheartened and annoyed with the game. I've discovered from trying other MMORPGs that it wasn't the game's fault: all of the annoyances were caused by me going at it from the wrong perspective. Simply put, MMORPGs are not CRPGs, and playing one like the other isn't going to work.

I spent the rest of the day trying not to puke and playing DO.

I did, however, come up with a funny bit about my MMORPG characters. Many of my Guild Wars characters are female because the male models for most professions are downright ugly and I'll be spending hours staring at them.

My Dragonica Online character is a woman because the men all look like dykes and I figured that since all of the characters are going to be gals I might as well give the character a decent cup size.

Note that my Free Realms character is a dude and so is my dwarf in D&D Online. I do try making guys first; it's just that they frequently do not look very good. I'd rather play He-man than She-ra, but I'd rather play She-ra than Dr. Doom sans mask.

Today's link is a wonderful little music video that mixes pop music and Star Trek. Consider yourself warned.


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