Bad night, bad suprise, good result
Posted on July 10th, 2010
Last night was pretty bad for sleeping. Aside from someone on a motorcycle revving his engine and tearing around, someone out back let off some fireworks. I didn't fall asleep until after 3:00 AM, and ended up waking up every two hours after that.

The day itself began with a trip to Target, as we were running low on things we use a lot, like milk.

During the day I made a token effort at the comics. I really lacked energy after the errand and hit a sugar low during the afternoon.

I also made a somewhat humorous discovery: Guild Wars actually runs with administrator permissions. It just seemed like it didn't because of how the shortcuts were set up. I did some looking around, and I've been rethinking the stance on games that require those permissions.

During the afternoon I tried another MMORPG that looked promising. It ran so slowly and had such horrible English translations that I gave up before doing much of anything.

I also tried the last MMORPG I was going to look at. It launches from the browser, so it doesn't require administrator permissions. Everything was going well. In fact it was going well enough that I was considering buying a subscription and sticking around. Then, out of the blue, I got a notice that I couldn't play further without forking over the dough. Up until that point the subscription was presented as optional. This didn't make me very happy.

Later, after cooling down a bit, I dug through the MMORPG's site to see if I could find a disclaimer or some hint that this 'free' game wasn't very free. I eventually found it -- it was buried so deep in the help system that you had to search very specifically for it. Searching Google for info about the game brought up numerous angry posts about the matter.

I poked at it a bit more and found out exactly how the restriction applied and tried a few more parts of the game. After some thought, I decided to get a subscription. I had been seriously considering it, and the game is indeed fun enough to justify the price of a year's subscription.

Later in the evening I also bought a small amount of the game's premium currency so that I could have a little perk in addition to the subscription benefits. That perk being a Noble Steed, as walking everywhere takes forever. Note that I still have over half of the premium currency left; I can buy some other perk later on.

Yeah, not very frugal. But look at it this way: I've bought costumes for Guild Wars at $10 each and the steed cost $5. The costumes make you look neat, but the horse looks neat and makes the game easier. Better deal, IMO.

Today's link of the day is a World of Warcraft fanvid that came to mind a number of times today. Fashion victim lashes out.

Aw, crap. I just killed a spider the size of a quarter less than three feet from my bed. I'll bet tonight isn't going to be great for sleeping after all.

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