Hot, hot day
Posted on July 7th, 2010
This morning began with the biweekly grocery shopping. Overall, things went pretty well. The exception was the 92° heat. I also started to crash by the time we were done. It turns out that high heat causes insulin to be processed quicker, meaning that blood sugar drops much more rapidly in hot weather than usual.

Most of the rest of the day was spent working on Image Puzzle version 2. Nearly all of the dialogs are working, and it won't be long until the game itself gets coded.

The last two hours were spent playing one of the most frustrating rounds of Guild Wars I've ever played. All I'm trying to do is head from Lion's Arch to Old Ascalon. Note that this means the monsters will be getting weaker as I progress. I took a full party of henchmen and the hero M.O.X. with me. Things went fine at first, but then suddenly all of the henchmen and M.O.X. became retarded. The result was several party wipes, forcing me to repeat large areas.

The second major problem was that I'd reset my build for running instead of the normal fighting build. Since the monsters would be getting progressively weaker and started out less than half of my raw strength, I could just barrel through and get to the next stop faster. That's how "running" works. Simply put, it didn't. It made me unable to do much damage and the henchmen's sudden drop in brain activity left my group crippled.

And naturally I couldn't have just quit: doing so would've sent me clear back to Lion's Arch and I'd have to start the fun all over again tomorrow. I had to at least reach an outpost or mission, which would allow me to start from there later on. I eventually reached Yak's Bend, an outpost near the border of the Shiverpeaks and Old Ascalon. However, the journey was one of the most frustrating episodes I've had on the computer in years. Naturally, this will probably be hilarious in a few days. When it was happening I was so angry I was trying not to start crying.

Note that this entire escapade should have only taken about 30 minutes, not two bloody hours. People regularly make this journey in the game, so something went very wrong today. If the henchmen and M.O.X. had kept their wits about them it probably wouldn't have been an issue.

Today's link is a wonderful example of stress relief: it's a video of the Muppets doing what they do best.

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