Wasabi is evil yo
Posted on June 23rd, 2010
Today was fairly quiet but a bit quick. The main event was a trip to the kidney doctor's in the early afternoon. Everything seems to be good all around, so to see if things can improve further we're slightly upping the dosage of the diuretic.

After that, we stopped at the Asian food store to check a few more things out. Mom saw CDs there yesterday, and since I didn't I wanted to take a look. They ended up being DVDs, so we didn't get any. We did however get a large amount of junk food to try and mom picked up a Hello Kitty toaster for herself.

While shopping, the radio blurted out that there was a tornado warning in the neighboring county. Thus we wrapped things up there and headed straight home. Originally we were going to visit a furniture store.

Once we got home we proceeded to try all of the goodies we bought. Sweet Potato Chips were a hit, as were the spicy rice cookies. I picked up a can of a Pocky knockoff because it was 6 servings for $4 and it turned out just as good as the real thing. We also got a soft doughy filled dessert, but I didn't like that. It was like a filled marshmallow.

The wasabi peas however, provided me with a little education. Namely I now know the mystery ingredient of the lethal BBC sandwich I once got at the grocery store. Wasabi is like mustard gas: it's very painful and burns the heck out your sinuses but leaves the mouth alone. I love the burn of capsaicin (hot peppers), but wasabi is just pain without pleasure.

In the end we watched the storm come and go while eating the entire bags of chips and cookies. Hence the userpic.

I spent the time after the storm working on the comics. I completed one, leaving the last one for tomorrow.

I spent the last two hours playing a new Guild Wars character through the hoops of Factions. Factions levels you up much faster than the other two campaigns; at only 2 hours old the character is nearing level 10.

Today's link of the day is an example of explaining laundry through the use of quantum mechanics.

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