Posted on June 22nd, 2010
So today began at the incredibly early hour of 5:00 AM. A thunderstorm rolled in, making the Weather Channel's forecast 1 for 30. I was woken up by the thunder and flashing lightning. Mom was already up checking the radar. Then Little One got sick as he sometimes does. It took until about 6 to get him, the house and ourselves cleaned up.

Of course, after that I couldn't get back to sleep and finally got up around 7:30 AM.

Mom got back up around 8:30 AM, and we decided to just get things started instead of waiting until 10:30. Thus the shopping began.

The grocery shopping was pretty quick and uneventful save for a bird that flew past me in the store.

After that we decided to look for the Asian food store to get supplies for mom's next attempt at making oriental food. This turned into a crazy drive around town as I remembered a store near someplace we've recently been and no matter where we looked no such store existed.

At one point we stopped in the parking lot of a pizzeria to get our bearings and plan the next attempt. I've been thinking of trying that place's food, so I went inside to get a menu. None were available at the counter, and despite there being people there, nobody came to the counter or acknowledged my presence, even after I called out. After about 7 minutes of standing there, I left without a menu and with a poor impression of their service.

We eventually stopped at an Asian market we knew about, never having found the one I remembered. The reason for not trying this store first is that it's not in a convenient location for us.

This place had lots of interesting things. Most of the products were almost completely labeled in kanji. Fortunately, the ingredients and nutrition facts were in English. I found LOTS of interesting things, but only picked up what we needed and a small box of Pocky. Some of the things I saw included Hello Kitty merchandise, Moomin merchandise, fresh squid and even octopus balls. Mom said she saw CDs there too. I'll have to look for those next time.

The people that ran the place were Asian, and spoke to each other in their language freely but also were polite and spoke English when helping us find things. Also, I happened to notice the girl at the checkout has yaeba.

The Pocky was an interesting thing. I've heard about it from quite a few sources due to its current popularity in Japan, so I gave it a try. It's good, and oddly sparse for calories. It takes almost 30 sticks to reach a single serving, and there's still less fat and calories than your typical candy bar. For those not familiar with this bit of Japanese pop culture, Pocky is a stick-like bread coated in something (usually chocolate); it's what's in Kagami's mouth in my userpic. As a side note, they are a lot more fragile in person than Lucky Star would lead you to believe (that or I got a special thin-stick variety).

Shortly after lunch I got very sleepy and took a short nap.

A friend of dad's gave us Alice in Wonderland on Blueray, so we had a pizza movie night. I didn't have any chips with my pizza, and I just had soup for lunch in an attempt to stay close to the diet. That movie is clearly not for little children. There's some creepy stuff in there. Of course, it's a Tim Burton film, so that should be bloody obvious by now.

The rest of the day was spent working on the comics, though I still didn't get any done. I ended up fussing over a panel again. Tomorrow involves a visit to a doctor, but I should have more time to work on the comics then.

Today's link of the day is a classic example of why lawyers and common sense don't always match up. Then again, some lawyer got billable time out of that...

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