Posted on November 4th, 2007
Progress for today was rather limited. The more I worked with the code I wrote yesterday the more I wasn't comfortable with the way I'd set up one of the more frequently used classes. So I recoded that and everything that referenced it. I got more done on the refactoring despite this redo.

There are several changes going on in my life right now. The biggest one is the shift in diet. I need to change my eating habits, and this means recalculating things. Many of my previous figures were rather off, and the end result is that stuff I'd labeled as "good" turned out to be rather bad. Also we're working to correct portion sizes. We seem to supersize the meals without really noticing how much food is involved.

So the fact that my eating pattern is dramatically different than it has been (both in quantity and when I eat) is one of the major changes.

The other big change also involves using less. The diet situation and several things going on online have made me think about a number of other ways I over-consume. The main target is the internet this time. I spend way too much time just surfing it. In some cases I've checked the same site four or five times in 15 minutes looking for an update. While my surfing habits aren't one of an addict (according to this test anyway) it's a block on productivity. As I've said before, people are too connected for their own good.

Thus I'm going to put by net habit on a diet too. One of the things that makes it so easy is the way I'd set up my homepage. There are about 30 links to the sites I normally browse on there. I'd open several in their own tabs and go from there. I've replaced this version of my homepage with a much smaller list of links. The links present on it now are the links to my own sites, FFC and WCG. Everything else will have to be entered in the address bar manually. Removing the ability to click on a link, while trivial, means I have to take my hand off the mouse for a moment to go anywhere.

Before I implemented this, I racked up a number of links.

Pakistan is now under martial law. The guy in charge is making a bid to hold power rather than allow his successor to be elected. This sounds like one of the theories about what's going to happen in America soon. The War on Iran may get sped up or delayed, but I'll bet it will be affected.

Cute Overload featured a cat that likes water. There's even a toy in there.

The last three links are all YouTube videos.
While most skeletons use the Merriam Webster definition of "bone", this one uses Urban Dictionary's.

The life of a sample jar isn't all that funny. Also see the Pong video listed in the related videos section!

The Japanese have produced yet another wacky show. This time it's Human Tetris.

Lastly, this is just a reminder but tonight was the night to turn the clocks back an hour. Daylight Savings Time is over.

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