Busy week continues still
Posted on June 8th, 2010
The morning began with a bit of waiting. The car was in the shop for the routine maintenance, and we wanted to run an errand before it was time to take Pov to the vet. Notably, we wanted to go before lunchtime. But, it took too long for the shop to work on the car, so we had lunch at home. Dad arrived home just as we were putting it on the table, so we left right after lunch.

I picked up two kinds of low-fat chicken patties and other ingredients for homemade Chicken Diablos while mom picked up lots of cat food.

I spent the short interim between the errand and the vet stop trying to find out what was going wrong with Steam. Ultimately it was just a case of the client needing updated, but it wasn't a very smooth update.

The vet thinks the sore on Pov's mouth may just be a zit, so he gave Pov an antibiotic and we came home.

From that point up to about 7:30 PM I worked on and finished the next batch of comics.

During the remaining time left in the day I beat Full Pipe (a Russian adventure game y'all might want to look into) and played Guild Wars as a new character -- I'm trying a Monk/Elementalist this time with good results. While doing the early quest where you slay a bunch of Skales to get 5 Skale Fins, a Vial of Black Dye was dropped. This basically means I won the lottery: that item is the single most expensive item you can get Pre-searing! I sold it for 8 Platinum immediately.

Tomorrow will involve a visit with the new doctor (assuming he still takes my plan) and some work on FnF. It's taken a while, but I've finally thought of something to add to that site.

The link of the day is a map that shows you how much of the area around your home would be covered by the BP Oil Spill.

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