Revenge of the bacon
Posted on May 31st, 2010
I spent part of last night and most of today sick. This is due to what we had for dinner yesterday: bacon and eggs. I also had a Chicken Diablo since the toast and eggs didn't seem filling enough. All in all, between the three of us we ate a POUND of bacon. Very thick slices, so it didn't appear to be that much at the table.

Naturally enough, my inability to handle fats reared its head on that, leaving me with a night and day of trying not to puke.

During the day I finished up the last batch of comics and uploaded them, then did some work on the new site and a little work towards the next project.

Little One let me comb him a bit today. I managed to get several knots out of his backside. He's probably not grooming there much because his arthritic hips bother him.

In the meantime I played more Guild Wars and tried out the second MMORPG I was looking at yesterday. It's D&D Online. Overall, it's decent, but feels like it's trying too hard to copy the pencil and paper system. For example, there's a Dungeon Master narrating the game and most of the game's stats are in the form of the classic d20 system abbreviations. Most of the controls are old school as well. Overall, it's like a playable campfire story. I'm probably not going to hang around it for long, but I'll poke at it for awhile.

Currently I'm downloading another MMORPG; this will likely be the last one I look at. I've been reading about many, many different games over on a MMORPG-only review site, and I'm noticing a trend. The games come in four flavors: unfinished, unstable, aimed at teenyboppers or nearly empty of content. Guild Wars and WoW are the only two that seem to rise above that, and no game is worth $15 / month to me!

After this last game, I'm done looking. The remaining titles have too many issues that require fixing.

Speaking of games, today's link is a wonderful example of an office that knows the meaning of fun.

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