More weird events
Posted on May 26th, 2010
The morning began with a trip to the vet's. Pov has seemed tired and worn lately, so we wanted to ensure that he wasn't in any pain. They ran some blood work, gave him some IV fluid and we went home. He seems to have gained quite an appetite; perhaps he just needed hydrated.

The washer repairman arrived shortly after noon and fixed the washing machine. After that, we were free to go to Best Buy and get mom a new computer. About then I tried to burn a CD and discovered that my computer's drive is malfunctioning badly. After a bit of unsuccessful fighting I gave up and we left for the store.

Mom got her new computer and printer, I got an external DVD/CD drive.

On the way home from there we stopped at the grocery store for cat food and a snack for me, since my blood sugar seemed to be low. My snack was a sandwich and root beer.

When we got home we began eating (mom had fritos) and skimming the mail. I noticed a bug on the table, and a few moments later noticed another on my plate. With growing hesitation I took my sandwich apart and discovered a third bug stuck in the mayo. Of course by this point I'd already eaten 4/5ths of the sandwich. We called and let the store know, and the person that answered the phone was rather grossed out by the news -- it sounded like she'd had one of these sandwiches for lunch.

It was almost 3:30 PM by then, so I resigned to spend the rest of the day relaxing.

While I was busy fighting Storm Riders in Pockmark Flats, a major event happened in the world of Guild Wars. They banned 3,700 players from the game! The bans were for abuse of glitches and use of bots (programs that play the game for you, allowing you to earn lots of in-game money and items for nothing) -- ie, enforcement of the TOS. ArenaNet, owner of the game, went about it in a rather unique manner. They knew the community wanted them to do something about the bots and cheating and that there was a lot of complaining about nothing being done.

Something was being done; just behind the scenes. Today they moved, and they made certain to ensure that everyone knew that the weeds were being pulled. All cheating players that weren't logged in were just simply banned. But the unlucky few that were logged in got a surprise: one of the deities o' death in the game would pop in, mow down the player's character with a scythe and pop out, leaving the player's BURNING CORPSE on the ground for a few moments. That got people's attention as it happened everywhere real-time, including in crowded cities!

Yes, people got this captured on video. Sweetness. And from what I hear from the grape vine, that will continue to happen to cheaters in the future. I'll be on the lookout for that.

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