Serious Business
Posted on May 22nd, 2010
I spent the early part of the day getting the daily goals done -- that is I wrote out the next scripts for the comic, prepped their backgrounds and uploaded the relicensed versions of my projects on .

The rest of the day was spent either browsing the net or playing Guild Wars. The latter hit a sour note twice. My necro/warrior reached level 9, and I discovered that the attributes don't work as planned. This means I still cannot use the item I was planning on, leaving that character at a real disadvantage. I created a new character, a warrior, to focus on what does work.

The other sour note was my first glimpse of the world of Player VS Player. I decided to try it, since it is a popular feature. This didn't go well, not because of the game but because of the players.

I'd like to point out that in Player VS Environment, the mode I have been playing all of this time, people are very helpful, friendly and relaxed. It's just a game after all.

Apparently PvP is Serious Business.

You create a PvP character a little differently than PvE, so I created a Warrior tailored to the style of play I prefer. This mode of creation is actually pretty nice; it's a pity PvE doesn't have it. You get to make your own set of armor and items as well as pick your skills -- neither feature is available to PvE.

I went to the Random Arena. This is an area of the game where the computer selects eight people who have opted in, puts them into two teams of four and has them fight. The victors will continue to fight random teams while the losers are returned to the arena grounds.

In my first battle, I was able to do some decent damage KOing the other party's Monk, Ranger and Elementalist. However I was killed shortly after that by the last member of the enemy team. The monk on my team resurrected me a few moments later though, and the battle was won.

There's a ~40 second delay between rounds, and during this pause I had my character perform the /goteam emote. This is a simple celebratory cheer: GO TEAM!

That didn't go well. BOTH teams posted insults aimed at me in response.

During the next match, I was hit by a spike from the enemy team and was KO'd almost at the start. This time, the monk on my team didn't raise me. In fact, he stayed a few feet away and did nothing, as if to make a point out of not raising me. None of the other teammates raised me either. Effectively I was put out of the game.

They lost that round, and after returning to the arena I decided to try a different type of character (ranged necro/elementalist) as my usual play style didn't work too well.

This time I was with another group and ended up with a scenario that was particularly suspect. After the round was over (my side winning, though through no fault of mine), one by one everyone disconnected (including people on my team), until my character was the only one on the map. When the countdown for the next round ended, there was a message that no opposing team was available.

This behavior is very reminiscent of the old "take the ball and go home" attitude of school yard bullies, and very much not the attitude I'd seen elsewhere in the game.

Guess where I won't be visiting in the future?

Yes, I know; this is the Internet, the GIFT theory is naturally in full effect and I should just get over it and not whine about it. But I do have the right to point out how out of character this is given the rest of the game.

Today's link of the day is a short scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the scene where Worf is Discommendated. It was the first thing that came to mind as my character sat on that map alone.

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