So much to do and so little time to screw it up
Posted on November 2nd, 2007
Today began with a surprise: some tiny bug was crawling on my arm. This is especially alarming because I keep waking up with what look like insect bites. The other day there were no less than 7 bites on my left foot. A few days before that a few bites appeared on my left hand. The really oddball part of this is that these bites don't itch. As in, "don't itch at all". That probably rules out fleas immediately.

After getting a good look at the bug I squished it and got up. One of the first things I did today was research what kind of bug it was. I managed to find out what kind of bug it wasn't instead. It's not a flea, chigger, cockroach, scabies, bedbug or some kind of tick. It's probably a fluke; house flies have landed on that same arm before and they don't bite.

This research explains the previous entry's little discovery.

I spent a good part of the day working on both the virtual machine and Necros Cavern. The latter is approaching a new release very quickly.

At one point during the evening I watched Nightmare before Christmas.

We also tested the furnace's ability to run on heat today. It does in fact work. Judging solely by the sounds it makes you'd think otherwise.

Four links for this Friday morning:

A teen responds to having his PlayStation taken away by by attempting to hire a hitman to kill his mother and stepfather.

The Infamous Brad Hicks often has some interesting things to say about the world. Robin Flack posted this old post entitled Lay off the Furries. Worth a look.

Sadly some frozen pizzas have been recalled. Before anyone says it, they do not hail from China or have high amounts of lead or contain tainted wheat gluten. It's E. Coli on the pepperoni. The Mr. P's Pizzas I eat aren't included in this recall, so I can safely eat them.

And for those of you in IT or just having a crappy day at work, here's a Flash Game to work it all out. Note that holding down the space bar works just as well as tapping it.

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