Fast and busy day
Posted on May 11th, 2010
I don't remember what happened this morning other than lunch was early and didn't go smoothly. Today was over quick like that.

The early afternoon was spent playing Guild Wars and composing a short novel of an email.

We then went to the salon for mom's haircut, followed by the Chinese carryout. Lastly we visited WalMart for some varnish and a "tabletop signal receiver / player" as the one at Target was branded. Also known as a f*ing radio, we picked up a nice portable one. I also picked up a portable CD player (can also play radio) to replace my aging boom box. I also picked up a DS game I've been debating about and a new shiney DSi XL. I've been thinking of upgrading to one of those for awhile now as it's hard to see what's going on in some of the games I've picked up and I understand its web browser is built in and much better than the DS Lite's.

Think about it this way: Mom can buy me all of this stuff and it's fine with the government, but neither of us can pay for a single doctor visit. Something's really wrong there.

Mom likes the DSi XL; she may get one for herself in the future.

I spent the evening finishing that novel of an email and playing Guild Wars. My Ranger/Warrior is now Post-searing. Interestingly, he ended up as part of a party of 4 in a Player versus Player team battle as part of the transition mission. He remained a part of that team until shortly after that mission. When my elementalist took that mission, she did not end up in a party. My guess is that it happened because there were eight of us leaving on the mission at once.

In other Guild Wars news, I snapped some screen shots during my game this evening, one of which looks awesome: CHARGE! My character's leading the group into the fray, and all of the other characters are friendly AI. Great shot!

The link for today is a site that shows off some of the weirder Google suggestions.

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