Robbed of an evening
Posted on May 5th, 2010
When I woke up today the burning and pressure from the sinus problem had migrated to include both sides of the face. I spent the day using hot compresses to try and encourage the snot to flow. By afternoon I started coughing randomly and had developed a headache.

Lunch was Firehouse chili -- I figured the spicy, steamy soup would help break things up in there.

Most of the day was spent reading things online. One of the things I ran across while reading was a Christian Guild Wars Alliance -- ie, a group of Guilds in Guild Wars that is run by and for Christians. There's even a weekly service in-game. I haven't decided if I'll pay them a visit yet.

Around 6:00 PM I decided to go play Guild Wars and was presented with an error message. I tried validating the game's files through Steam, and two were not valid. It automatically began updating the files.

This is where the day ended.

Long story short, the download speed is abominable: 53 kbps. I should be getting ~500 kbps. Since this is 2 GB download, it's taking FOREVER. Also note that if I use the computer for anything the download slows down even further. I did try to connect to a faster server and had no luck.

At first it said it'd be done at 8:00 PM. Then 9:00 PM. Then 9:30 PM.

Now it's 9:15 PM and the bloody thing is only 58% done. Not happy. Aside from not being able to spend the evening the way I want, there are thunderstorms on the way and that means I'm going to have to cut this download long before it completes. With that lovely fact and the incredibly slow download time, it's more than likely the download is corrupt and this is going to be all I do tomorrow as well. It's taken over three hours to reach this point, so I'm not optimistic about trying over again.

When I first joined Steam, I got download speeds of 630+ kbps. What happened to that?!

At one point in the evening I tried doing a little work on the new graphics for the new website, but I can't draw worth much today because of the sinus issue. So ultimately today really rubbed me the wrong way.

Tomorrow may include a trip to the Hobby Lobby or the doctor or both.

The link for today is a video clip that summaries the day.

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