Burn, baby burn
Posted on May 4th, 2010
Last night was terrible. Yesterday evening my sinuses had started to burn slightly and I figured they were just a little dry (what with the fan blowing on me all day and so on). During the night however, it became apparent that it was the start of a sinus infection. I tried hot compresses, cold compresses; nothing dulled the pain long enough for me to fall asleep. Around 5:00AM I took a Benedryl and some Tylenol and that seemed to help (although I'm pretty sure they are contraindicated for my other meds, hence the delay in using them).

This morning I was feeling better, so mom and I went to the nursery and the local healthy junk food store, though not in that order. I picked up a lot of junk food as per the plan.

The nursery was slow going. First off, most of the plants seemed tired. They just didn't look alive. Secondly, my nose started to really burn while we were there (presumably due to the pollen).

After that we went home and ate lunch. Mom tried several things including the dairy-free hot dogs, Oreo style cookies and Black Cherry Soda.

By then I really did not feel very good -- both exhausted and experiencing pain -- so I opted to spend the afternoon leaning into a hot compress and reading stuff online instead of doing anything productive. The original goal had been to continue work on the new site's art, but I can't do that and press the compress into my face at the same time.

During that period of time I also managed to blow out some blood, making me expect a nosebleed. As a result I spent most of the afternoon and evening with rags stuffed in my pocket just in case.

Shortly after dinner I was feeling a little better, and logged into Guild Wars. I completed the 'tutorial' part of the game and am now in the game proper, which gives me access to more of the game's services. Among these is the ability to sell various items for a non-fixed amount -- ie, the current market value. I'd read that dyes are very expensive, so I'd held on to every vial of dye I found during the tutorial instead of selling them to merchants for 10 gold each. Good thing I did: one of them was worth 4,500 gold! That's about 20 times the amount of gold you find in the tutorial!

I spent some of the money buying various services (eg, a storage vault account), and I also went shopping for new clothing. The default clothing for lady Elementalists is VERY stripperific and I didn't like that. So I bought new clothing that is a lot more modest. For example, her shirt covers up her cleavage and her pants extend from her waist to her ankles. A comparison of the two outfits is here. Now that my character is no longer in danger of a wardrobe malfunction I've created a new userpic of her.

An added bonus is that her previous outfit gave her an armor rating of about 20 and her new outfit gives her an armor rating of 120. After all, it just makes sense that if you actually cover up vital parts of the body they are more protected.

Over all, the day was fun for a sick day. However, I think I'm starting to work towards a fever ( 99.3 ° F last I took it ) and now the burning is on both sides.

In other news, I did some troubleshooting on Steam earlier as the advertisement window that comes up periodically came up with no content. According to the troubleshooting section, this is caused by a glitchy internet connection (makes sense, as I've been dropping pings randomly). To view this info manually, there's a specific page in the store to view. I did and found that Guild Wars is no longer on sale. It was on sale for less than a week. Glad I caught it!

Guild Wars reminds me of an older computer game I'm fond of called Crusaders of Might and Magic. That old game knew it was cliched to heck and back and embraced the campyness. Today's link of the day is the opening cinematic of the game, in all its over the top glory.

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