Not one of my best
Posted on May 1st, 2010
During the night the cats got me up just about every hour. So I started the day irritable and groggy. I also spent the morning feeling like I was in a vice and covered in ants. Needless to say I was just short of exploding.

On of the first things I did was check the weather to see where the thunderstorms where. Previously they were to arrive around 3 PM, but this morning it was changed to 11 AM. Either way they were supposed to last all day. In the end we never got thunderstorms -- they all died out long before reaching us. We hardly even got rain.

I spent about 45 minutes working on the comics, but after numerous tries found that I was too unfocused and tired to draw anything.

Shortly after lunch I went back to bed and slept 'till 4 PM. However, after waking up from that I began feeling nauseated. I've been feeling increasingly sick throughout the evening and haven't really been keeping anything down. It's possible that I finally caught a bug that had gone around a while ago, and if so I should be over it soon enough.

The rest of the day was spent idling. I ended up uninstalling's software. It was starting to play weirder and weirder songs, so I looked at what my profile had been recording. Thanks to the indie songs I have it's very badly confused about what I like to listen to. It doesn't recognize the songs and thus ends up recording them oddly -- wrong artist, genre etc. One song was attributed to an album in one genre, a singer in another and an artist in a third. I may still use the service, but for now I've cleared the listening history and disabled scrobbling.

I did manage to get Jamendo's radios to work -- I updated my browser's plugins. So I now have a series of radios that I can listen to and if I like the album I can download it immediately.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Speaking of internet radio, today's link of the day is another free browser-based one: Pandora.

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