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Posted on April 22nd, 2010
Today began with a one and a half hour session of the MMORPG that I spent all of yesterday evening installing. After completing a few quests, even fighting as a member of a party, I decided that I'd seen enough. Frankly, it wasn't fun enough to continue playing. There are a number of things that lead to this decision, though the fact that it requires you to run the game as administrator -- a colossal security risk -- is a factor in and of itself.

It took 5 hours to install that game. It took 5 seconds to uninstall it. Oh well. It was free anyway.

The rest of the day was spent working on the slide show program. I decided the way to get the best possible performance was to switch from SDL to Lazarus, so I re-wrote the entire thing. A lot of the time I spent working on it was just trying to get some simple things working. Eventually I worked out the bugs and it's pretty much done. There is an issue with corrupt JPGs causing it to crash, but that's fairly minor.

Around 8:00 PM I started playing the game I found in the discounted section of the bargain bin yesterday. A little while later I glanced at the clock and discovered that two hours had gone by. It's a lot of fun and reminds me of Castle of the Winds, which is a fond favorite.

The game is Titan Quest. This evening I found out that it's on Steam for $20; I got it locally for just $4.50 . Talk about a lucky break!

I also tried the demo of Beat Hazard this afternoon. It's a music based game like Audio Surf, though unlike Audio Surf I couldn't see the connection between the song and the game. Ultimately I uninstalled the demo.

The link for today is the well-done opening cinematic for the game Titan Quest. May frighten small children.

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