Pretty lively for a dead guy
Posted on October 31st, 2007
My major tasks for today were an update to Fur and Faith, this site and more work on the virtual machine. While it's easy to understand and work with once you've gotten it working once, customizing the 404 error page can really be a trick. That took much longer than expected, but it did pay off. Both this blog and Fur and Faith now feature customized 404 error pages. I may make custom pages for the other error codes (401,403,500) but I don't see them actually being used.

The virtual machine can theoretically load a ROM image now. I say theoretically because I've yet to code any means to call the function that loads the ROM. In other words, the button is there, but nobody can find it yet. Also I'd need to actually have a ROM image for it to work, and the assembler isn't that far along yet.

In other news, some guy fell asleep on the train. This wouldn't be news worthy except that his zombie costume was so well done that people mistook him for a corpse and called the police.

Yesterday I wondered why there were no witches among the trick or treaters. Apparently wiccans are complaining that they are unfairly represented at Halloween. Personally I think the fact that my spell check thinks "wiccan" is a misspelling of "croissant" is more of a slight.

Next up is an article that explains why may corporate sites are so hideous and annoying.

I ran across a few online games today. Of them the game Fold is the most interesting one. I'm also not real good at this one, but it's fun to mess with.

As if Californians needed any more disasters, there was a 5.6 Earthquake near Alum Rock, CA a little bit ago.

Lastly I spotted this post by vickimfox a few days ago and forgot to mention it. It's their notes on a sermon that compared the Bible, Qu'ran and the Book of Mormon.

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