On Fire
Posted on April 20th, 2010
Today we ran a few errands. Among other things I discovered that the alternate grocery store now carries deli sandwiches for about half of what the usual grocery store charges. They're only about 2" smaller, so it's still a good deal. I had one with my Firehouse Chili at lunch.

The rest of the day was spent poking at the new forum's code at random and trying new ideas with programming. Thanks to a tip on the Audio Surf forum I can now have my programs monitor and react to the music being played -- just like Audio Surf, Beat Mania etc. Though there's one little (or major, depending on your POV) difference: in my case it's during playback only, so I can't do anything with the data prior to playing the song.

The other major undertaking was a project I'd started and left unfinished. It's a slide show program that should replace the buggy Windows Preview on my computer. For some odd reason in Windows 7 Windows Preview is slow as molasses in a cold day in December, and I want speed like the XP version has. Currently it's very effective; I'll be tweaking it tomorrow to improve its performance and maybe add a few features. Currently it can display JPGs, PNGs and BMPs at 1x, 2x, 3x, 0.5x and 0.25x magnification as well as automatically advance to the next image at three different speeds.

This evening I played Audio Surf with a passion. Back in the first week of April I held the world-wide 1st place score for a song. On April 6th, my score was beaten by 20,000 points. Today I've regained the throne, beating my usurper's score by 30,000 points. Practice pays off, though I was still unable to regain the other throne I lost on the 6th. Interestingly, the one I regained is the one I'd thought to be out of my league.

Tomorrow morning we'll hopefully be getting the car back from the shop.

In other news, the link of the day is a website of a Zoo. There's live webcams for some of the exhibits, notably the leopards. That's right: live webcams of leopard kittens.

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