Sub and torpedo
Posted on April 20th, 2010
This morning mom and I were going to see our cancer-stricken friend. Knowing this, I spent the early part of the morning burning a custom mix cd for the car.

While mom and her friend chatted about cards and stamps and such I said hello to her friend's cat. And promptly got bit. Shortly thereafter said cat was lying on the floor belly up looking innocent, and they glanced over and suggested that I pet the sweet darlin'.

I replied with a paraphrased quote from Calvin and Hobbs: "When she lays like that, five of her six ends are pointy."

We were there for about an hour. After which we visited the grocery store where I picked up lunch (turkey sub and a buffalo chicken wrap) and we got a number of random things we needed. Since we were headed to yet another store afterwords, we visited the store's lavatories. I spent most of the rest of the day trying to block the memory of that, and will not do so again unless paid cash in advance.

Our next and last stop was Walmart for some shelves so that mom's craft supplies would be organized.

I spent my afternoon and early evening working on the new forum. Pretty boring stuff, but it's coming along.

The rest of the day was spent experimenting with the library I've been using to program stuff. I got it to play MP3s perfectly -- and then discovered that you need a license to publish MP3 playing software and that the license is very expensive for no reason other than extortion.

Well screw that. I'm not going to pay $15,000 / year for the "privilege" of using MP3s in my software. I then looked up information on another popular format -- Ogg Vorbis -- and got it to work. This format is Free Open Source. No patents or licenses or any of that hooey. So those extortionist businesses can take their license and put it to excellent use as a hemorrhoid enhancing suppository.

The plan for tomorrow involves more errands, but nothing major.

Lastly, the link of the day is a neat car commercial-like video done with remote controlled toy cars.

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