Fresh start
Posted on April 13th, 2010
My day was spent working on the last of the comics and setting things up on the new host. I hit a snag early on when the mime types didn't work as expected, and ultimately had to resort to the new host's support to fix it. They were johnny-on-the-spot, and the problem was resolved.

There are several differences between this implementation of the site and the previous host's copy. Two subdomains have been removed. The former is ; that subdomain was created in 2004 for remote loading of images and content. It has long been obsolete; there are many, many image hosts that can host temporary content for forum posts these days.

The other subdomain that was removed was . This isn't because the comic was discontinued. It's because of a feature the new host has that the old host didn't: MULTIPLE domain hosting! Background Service is now completely parked on its own domain: Background . This domain has existed for the length of the comic (it's at the top of each comic after all!), but only acted as a redirect to the subdomain since it couldn't be the location of the site itself. was never intended to be the home of the comic; it was just a placeholder.

There are a number of technical pluses to this host's set up that will make development easier. The plan for now is to re-develop as planned, then Background Service. This shouldn't take very long, as the change is mostly layout and some other tweaks. Also, is it my imagination or is this host a LOT faster?!

Through out the day I played Audio Surf and messed with my toys; waiting for DNS to propagate gets boring after a while.

One of the songs I like to play on Audio Surf is Rolling Girl sung by Hatsune Miku (a computer program!). I don't speak Japanese, so I just like the tune. However, I decided to look it up online and found the music video and English lyrics. This peppy almost blitzed tune is actually about a girl who's life is spiraling out of control so rapidly that she's heading towards suicide, though her friend tries to help. Here's the music video.

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