Shopping day
Posted on October 28th, 2007
Shopping went fairly smoothly. After we finished up at the store we went to the nearby Italian restaurant for lunch. Once again, I miss judged the portion sizes and ordered a little too much. And per usual, I ate it all anyway. Mom mentioned that my eating pattern is like a starving man's; rather than save food for later I eat it all in one go as if the food won't be there later.

I spent the evening working on the PC Project and the virtual machine project. The former now has a usable template and the latter now has a very early version of the assembler and emulator done.

Today's eating was handled more or less in the new style I mentioned yesterday. Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with milk and lunch was enough Italian food to negate the need for dinner, although I did have two snacks to try and keep the calories and protein intake going.

I didn't "zone out" today at all, though as a trade off I spent the evening smelling like an Italian fart.

Tomorrow evening is trick-or-treat for this complex. We don't know how many kids will show up, so we've stocked 400 dum dums -- enough for 400 kids. Frighteningly, we may not have enough candy for them all. Personally, I'm hoping there'll be some left over for me to munch on to save for next year.

Today's links are some funny stuff to read.

First up is a page detailing several drinking stories that put all others to shame.

Then there's 87 Predictions about the future that were hilariously inaccurate. These might not be authentic quotes, but they are amusing.

In an effort to encourage tourism, the US government has released a video of amazing sites in the USA. Apparently Canada is within the borders now. Who knew?

Since many men fall victim to this evil question a blogger has helpfully composed a guide of what to do when asked "Does this make me look fat?".

Lastly, some very bored person created a site about the sound effect of eating noisily. Om Nom Nom Nom

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