Shopping with interest
Posted on March 13th, 2010
This morning we ran a few errands, starting with a trip to a craft store. That became amusing when the person in front of us (also the only other customer) had some issues with the price of goods in a manner that makes you wonder why she was allowed to shop at all. Price check on shopaholic with no money stat!

The next stop was Target, where I picked up a bunch of low fat canned soups for dirt cheap and mom picked up a few random things we needed.

The next and last stop was Best Buy, where mom and I looked over computers. She's thinking of getting a new one, so we looked to see what's out there. After looking at those, I skimmed the PC games and was unimpressed by the selection. What happened to the good old days of robots blasting the hell out of each other? Now it's all Sims, Warcraft or people shooting each other.

On that note, I did a little research online after lunch. Yesterday, right before I went to bed, I stumbled across a game review online. It was for a game I used to have for the Windows 95 computer; I recognized the screen shots immediately. I'd long forgotten the game's name; I'm not sure I ever knew it. We hadn't kept it when we upgraded to Win98, and I'd always enjoyed it, so I looked it up on ebay where it was $3 with shipping.

Also on ebay I found a number of old games, including a specific game I've wanted to get the full version of for 14 years (it's in the G position in this icon). Naturally I bought it. I bought two other games from that seller too -- games where robots blast robots.

I know it seems like I've been buying up a lot of games lately -- and I have -- but it's not like I'm spending a fortune. Seriously, the reason I'm buying so many at once is because they cost less than a value meal.

The rest of my day was spent reading more of OotS, coding up a little and completing two comics. Well, most of the rest of my day. Since I've been feeling nauseated lately I've been eating low fats soups for meals, and two days of bean soup tends to have side effects if you know what I mean.

Lastly, somebody clearly had issues.

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