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Posted on February 22nd, 2010
Mom spent the morning with her friend. I decided to stay behind since I figured they had a lot more to discuss. Around noon I fixed generic instant Mac and Cheese for lunch, and had quite the problem making it. The result was a glob of sticky orange goo that only passingly resembled pasta.

Shortly after I put the dishes in the sink mom arrived home with goodies. It turns out that our friend had been diagnosed diabetic and ended up with a lot of extra (unused, unopened, sterile) supplies. So I now have a glucometer and testing supplies. Once I get a safe place to dispose of used supplies I'll monitor my blood sugar and see if this hypoglycemia can be better controlled.

I spent most of my day working on a new website. This new site won't be much to speak of, just a corner of the internet for getting my software launched.

Part of the day was spent doing some last experiments with C and Pascal. All the program was to do was record a timestamp, pause, record a timestamp and printout the two timestamps. The Pascal program had no problems. The C program compiles, runs and returns a bizarre result: the two timestamps are always the same, regardless of the length of the delay. Thus I'm giving up on C; this sort of thing makes it too unreliable for my tastes.

Additionally, I did some further work on the Windows VM. Now one of the programs that was crashing yesterday works just fine.

I also investigated an Anime that I ran across on TV Tropes. It sounded like it might be fun, but when I looked into it I found it wasn't available in English, which means it won't be on my list. Subtitles are nice, but I usually am not watching that closely; normally I'm coding or something and only glancing over at the screen.

Lastly, I give you pencils.

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