Picking up the parts
Posted on October 26th, 2007
Today was Midnight's day long stay at the vets so that he could get his teeth cleaned up. Naturally, we got out the door late and it was pouring when we left and dropped him off. After dropping him off, we headed to the grocery store for some extra cat food. We also picked up donuts, a club sandwich for my parent's lunch and an order of the $7/lbs BBQ chicken and a Mt. Dew for my lunch.

After lunch I promptly took a nap. I fell asleep after 2:30 AM last night and got up at 7:30 AM to take the cat to the vet, so I needed to catch up a few hours.

While we were waiting to pick up Midnight from the vet we looked around the exam room they'd placed us in. There's a little display about bladder stones that is both interesting and rather painful to look at.

Today was also just about the last day of running hither and yon for me, so soon I can focus on stuff and hopefully relax.

In other news, Fox News is making stuff up again, probably to scaremonger the public again. They are claiming that the California fires were set by Al Qaeda. Nobody else is making this claim due to the lack of evidence supporting it. But being honest doesn't keep people watching for the report coming up next.

On a more amusing note, there's speculation that Stephen Colbert may be violating campaign law. Frankly it's rather funny that there is anti-Clinton, anti-Obama and anti-Colbert articles flying around and I've yet to see any anti-Republican Candidate articles. Someone's worried they are going to lose.

A few weeks ago (perhaps longer) there was a flash meme going around LiveJournal about "what is my daemon" or somesuch. This was an ad from the new movie based on the Golden Compass. Apparently this series is extremely hostile towards religion, especially Christianity. Snopes has the dirt on this. The storm broiling over this may well outdo the craziness over Harry Potter.

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