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Posted on February 15th, 2010
Today began with dad going off to the periodontist. he tried stopping for his prescriptions on the way home, but encountered a problem. The pharmacy's computers were down, so they couldn't take a check or credit card. Dad didn't carry cash (no do we usually) and this being President's Day, the banks are also closed. Thus he had no pain meds or antibiotics.

I then had a simple but elegant solution. Buy something at a store that's on the way to the pharmacy and get cash back. We agreed on buying lunch at the grocery store and headed out. We also picked up a few things we'd missed on grocery day.

The pharmacy was backed up, so we ended up waiting for awhile. Make that 45 minutes, at which point mom asked how long the wait was going to be and discovered that our prescriptions had been ready for 30 minutes. The people behind the counter had never called for us; apparently without the computers they couldn't tell what was ready and what wasn't.

Oh wait. That turned out not to be the case. In fact, it turned out that only their registers were down. And I do mean only their registers: the ATM and other things were working. This ineptitude had no excuse!

Anywho, dad got his meds and we got lunch.

Most of my afternoon was spent working on comics. I completed the 2nd comic in the batch, leaving the third and last comic for tomorrow. Little One's precision tail thwapping had managed to get enough cat hair against my eyes to wear them out, and it was getting too hard to continue working pixel-by-pixel.

I spent the evening configuring things and experimenting with various Windows 7 features. One particularly useful feature exists for people who have trouble seeing the screen or tired eyes: by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+PRINTSCREEN the entire screen is re-rendered in a high contrast/low glare scheme. This is MUCH easier on the eyes than the normal setting, and that key combo toggles between the normal setting and this alternate setting.

I also got my tablet installed and working. Unfortunately the virtual machines don't understand the pressure feature, but that wasn't a biggie for me anyway. This computer is fast enough that drawing with the tablet doesn't interfere with DVD playback, which is great. Tomorrow I think I'll try some tweaks to see if the Windows XP virtual machine can be taught to use the pressure feature.

Another interesting feature I got working was Windows 7's Speech Recognition. Like in Star Trek, I can simply talk to the computer and it'll respond appropriately. Most of the time it understands what I'm saying. Mind you, I'm not using it ATM; it's a neat feature but the keyboard and mouse are still the better choice.

For and example of why this is, watch this video.

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