Good news, bad news
Posted on February 13th, 2010
Last night wasn't the best night for sleeping. First off, I really should invest in an elliptical deflector dish and a loud girlfriend. I know WAY TOO MUCH about the neighbor's sex lives. Notably, they left at 11:20 PM, returned at 11:50 PM and went straight to the bedroom. Apparently that was a prophylactic run. Also apparently he lasted ~30 minutes judging by the thumping, which is rather tricky to sleep through.

I later dreamed about a fire starting (long story) and a few minutes after waking a fire engine went by with sirens going. The cats were also bonkers. Thus I didn't sleep well.

We spent the morning doing the biweekly shopping. We had to do it a little early this time due to some scheduling problems and the fact that we're running short of a few important things.

Now for the bad news. In 2008 we parted ways with a certain friend. The problem was that they blew us off in favor of spending time with their lover. The problem wasn't so much that they were having sex outside of marriage; they are both married. The problem was that they weren't married to each other.

We ran across the husband of our friend today at the store. We talked for some time and caught up on the news. Unfortunately, it seems our friend has contracted pancreatic cancer. Hopefully she'll see that it's her husband, not her lover, that's staying by her side and seeing her though these last months.

We finished up the shopping and got lunch at the Italian deli, which was atypically crowded. Anyway, I got two turkey and ham combos.

The day was already over at this point (2:00 PM) and so I just checked a few things online and watched Shawn the Sheep DVDs with mom through the evening.

Normally I work on the comic over the weekend, but today went too fast. I'll work on it tomorrow and Monday.

Lastly, your link of the day is a warning to always wear your seatbelt.

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