Failed to learn from history
Posted on August 3rd, 2007
On May 28th 2007 something really went wrong. Those in charge of LiveJournal began to suddenly ban a large number of users. They banned the innocent as well as the guilty, and people began to panic. As reports that hundreds of users, some of whom had paid for an upgraded account, were being banned the remaining users started to fear they were next.

Many of them asked LiveJournal about the deletions, and LiveJournal remained silent. Meanwhile the names of those suddenly deleted without warning began to pile up. The outcry of the users reached the ears of a news website, and they looked into this event. That's when Hell broke loose. LiveJournal answered their questions, stating that the banned users had been banned because they "didn't fit with the idea plan for LiveJournal". The admins answered the questions of a third party and stubbornly ignored their users!

This incident resembled Kristallnacht, one of the horrors of WWII. People were getting kicked off left and right not because they had done something wrong, but because they just "didn't fit".

This event became known as StrikeThrough 2007. The reason behind the name was that the username of a banned account appeared with a line through it (ie, the strikethrough attribute enabled).

LiveJournal tried to make peace with the mob of angry users, but they kept using cryptic "I know it when I see it" definitions. Simply put, LiveJournal had shown that the admins were inept at best since they had allowed a witch hunt and refused to state their reasons clearly.

On July 29th I moved off LiveJournal and onto this site, stating that I had little to no faith in the administration of the site. With all of the negative rumors floating around about Furries, what was preventing a second mass deletion, a witch hunt to purge the site of Furries? After all, Harry Potter fans were being purged because they "were all pedophiles".

It seems that I left the site just in time. Another round of mass purging has begun, and again Harry Potter fans seem to be getting the brunt of it. LiveJournal didn't learn much from the scandal earlier, but they did learn at least one thing. They altered the site's code so that the usernames of banned users are displayed with the bold attribute instead of the strikethrough attribute.

Thus instead of StrikeThrough 2007 II, we now have BoldThrough 2007.

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to be branded idiots.

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