Ask PonAI
A pony ask blog that chronicles the life of a developing Artificial Intelligence in modern Equestria. As she explores her virtual environment, she or her developers ask and answer various questions and experience life from unique viewpoints.

My DA account is mainly a mix of works based on or about Christianity, with some My Little Pony fanart and completely random stuff (like a horse with a pompadour and sunglasses in Las Vegas) scattered around.

Drawn By His Light
This is a website about Christian artwork; specifically the symbolism that's commonly used in it. References for the symbols are provided, as are tutorials on drawing them and general drawing advice.

Emo the Explorer
A slightly dark and narmful look into the life of a wangsty kid that the Corporation managed to trick into mining valuables on a foreign planet. Come along and watch as he whines about life on the frontier.

FIM Fiction
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfics by yours truly! These are also found on my DA account, but not everypony likes that format.

While my main blog is over here, this is an old account that was used for some thoughts on Christianity. I haven't visited LJ in ages though, so the journal is sort of sitting there collecting virtual dust.